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How Glutathione Is Used to Treat Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a mysterious condition. It manifests as a syndrome which is characterized by acute muscle pains throughout the body and general fatigue. It also includes other symptoms like increased sensitivity to pain, numbness, difficulty sleeping and problems with concentration and memory. The mystery comes about due to the difficulty »

What are Celebrity Glutathione Treatments and Do They Work?

You have most likely not experienced them yourself but have heard it in celebrity news and gossip. I am talking about IV vitamin drips or what is known as IV drip therapy. Photo by Vitaly Sacred / UnsplashThe drip therapy method involves the use of intravenous drips to deliver single vitamins »

The Relationship Between Vitamin D and Weight Loss

It is common knowledge that science has associated vitamin D deficiency with health complications related to obesity especially with recent research linking the two factors. Numerous studies have been done to support this theory. A study presented in 2015 at the European Congress on Obesity showed that correcting one’s »

Oxidative Stress: The Unspoken Link Between Autism and ADHD

For many years, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) maintained that it was impossible for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism to be present in the one patient. As a result, doctors remained reluctant to diagnose a child with both conditions. The APA, however, changed its stance in 2013 in »

What You Need to Know About Acne

Acne vulgaris is a popular disease in developed nations such as the USA. A study conducted in November 2012 of almost 3,000 women at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital discovered that 45% of 21-30-year-old women had acne. 26% of 31-40-year-old women and 12% of 41-50-year-old women had acne. Photo »

Genetic Factors That Negatively Affect Glutathione

Glutathione is the master antioxidant that is responsible for eliminating toxins in the body. Most people are able to generate glutathione naturally in their bodies, but there are instances where the body’s production may be insufficient to satisfy the body’s antioxidant requirements. The tripeptide glutathione typically consists of »

Autoimmune Conditions: A Closer Look at the Impact of Oxidative Stress on Immunity

The Med Writers Recent research has provided evidence that abnormal accumulation of free radicals or low glutathione increases the risk of developing autoimmune conditions. Prolonged oxidative stress has a significant role in the pathogenesis of autoimmune conditions as it enhances inflammation thereby stimulating apoptotic cell death. In this way, oxidative »

Vitamin D: A Need Americans Must Meet

Recent scientific evidence suggests that vitamin D deficiency could have a significant role to play in several serious health complications such as heart disease and cancer. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey put the average prevalence rate of vitamin D deficiency at 41.6% in 2005-2006. Black people registered »

Americans Need More B12

A critical analysis of 3,000 men and women in the continuing Framingham Offspring Study showed 39 percent of the individuals with less than 258 picomoles per liter of vitamin B-12 levels in the plasma. This was way above the currently accepted deficiency standard of 148 pmol/L. However, some »

Why Do I Need Glutathione if I’m Healthy?

Through evolution, the human body has developed a variety of protective measures against the many dangers it faces from things like pathogens and toxins. Glutathione is one of the most impressive guards the body possesses. This potent antioxidant neutralizes dangerous toxins and free radicals in the body. Photo by averie »

What is Oxidative Stress and What Can You Do to Prevent It?

Growing up, we are taught about the crucial role oxygen plays on earth. The most important thing we learn is that we cannot breathe without it. Oxygen is life, essentially. A bit later on we also learn that it is important for many processes such as burning and growth. Photo »